Archetypes in Business

What is the Fate of your business?

During these trying times of virus ask yourself ,what is the Fate of my Business vs. Destiny of my Business. What are the most common archetypal influences in business? Archetypes are the patterns of behaviours you have taken on in order to manage your business. How can understanding archetypes enhance performance in the business world? Discernment, responsibility and accountability are the keys to business .
Lilly at Whitelight offers a practical look at patterns of power and how to recognize and understand them through the symbolic language of archetype. What is the meaning of what is happening to you and your business instead of the old cliché What is the Matter ? What will give you the edge in these uncertain times? What will be the difference between businesses that thrive or struggle today?The ability to interpret symbolically and respond knowing who you are and who you are dealing with and what archetypal patterns others are living is key. What is the key strength of your business? How do you recognize the innate skills of others you want to engage in your business? How do you recognize a King, Knight, Warrior, Servant, Caretaker, Rescuer, Vampire, Magician, Damsel, Visionary and what can that mean for your business? No matter what stage your business has reached, whether just starting out, consolidating or moving forward,an archetypal understanding offers a new perspective that is invaluable.

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Lilly has extensive experience in the business world. Sales Manager of The Atlantic Advocate, Owner of Mar-Lyn Marketing , in charge of sales for the Maritimes and Eastern Ontario for Crabtree & Evelyn, Scantrade, Orange Crate , Canadian Greeting Cards , to name a few. Since retiring to Almonte she has been mentoring both personally , Archetypes in relationships and those in business.She also ran her own successful Retail clothing store in Almonte until three consecutive tragedies forced a closing so she could grieve and experience her dark night only to arise in a year with two published books. 365 Ways to Power Up Your Life & Madness ,Addiction & Love. Her latest book ,Into the Heart of Bali can be found on amazon.

Zoom workshops available to Entrepreneurs. Call for details 613-292-3292. $400.00 includes workbook, house cards plus Caroline Myss archetype cards.

“Twelve Steps to Live & Love, NOW”

During these times of virus & violence I thought I would update the 12 lessons to live and love now.

1. Do not take self so seriously. We all wear masks, free ourselves, remove it and learn to laugh, shake , dance if you have to but laugh daily..then put it back on to do your shopping/ errands to protect others .

2. We all have value, worth . As above, so below. Our soul rejoices , We all belong . This Planet is our home . Let us treat one another as one family , no matter our race ,spiritual beliefs .

3. Speak only truth, Remember spirit is using our voice to speak. Speak with compassion , joy , gratitude. Speak with kindness .

4. Always be at home, no matter where we are. The home has a heart, when the heart has a home. Be consciously aware of how we are recycling, ,let us keep our planet clean .

5. Be more childlike, this is where we create and manifest. We are creation, reflecting spirit’s joy through our creativity. During these shut in times , these times of change , co create with spirit our desire to write, bake, paint , whatever it is, express your inner self . As Desmond Tutu once said,”We are all God creators, now go create God”.

6. Daily rituals are not work when we live in the moment. A simple ritual is our daily offerings . So many are now out of work , let us not be afraid to ask for help . Offerings can be bestowed upon one another . The barter system still works. Pay , play , pray it forward .

7. Relationships are but a reflection of ourselves, ever holding the mirror to our sadness, our desires, our confusion , Treat one another with respect . Violence is not the answer , cooperation is .

8. Respect the energy resources of others; allow others to go underground when needed. It is where we will choose to rise again. Silence is a holy space . Pray daily in this sacred space for peace within , peace on earth .

9. Educate ourselves , travel to other countries via internet, find out what your world neighbour is experiencing and reach out. We will unite with them and help change what we cannot see.

10. Our highest potential is to be in unity with the divine self. See the divine in others and call it out of them .

11. Be still , pray often , meditate for in silence , nature answers our questions on how we can be of help.

12. We are all connected. Be conscious of your breath. The air you breathe today someone in Asia breathes tomorrow. You, me, we , together , symbolically we are one unity, free / together/apart . Let us start now .

PIMP ( Pray, Isolate,Meditate,Play )

Do you know yourself enough to work through your Manifestations? (Man is feasting )

Are you thinking your thoughts into being because it is the new age thing to do? Don’t you have enough already? Or maybe you feel you are not enough?

Here are a few thoughts about Manifesting to help you Power Up Your Life . I call it PIMP . Lol

1. Believe we are all one. We are in the collective. The collective is the unconscious mind which we share among our species.

2. Do unto others as you do onto yourself. Work on your self esteem first, then share your experiences.

3. Nothing rests, everything moves, vibrates, including you . You are pure energy.

4. “Everything is dual, everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree”. there are two sides to everything. Things that appear as opposites are only two extremes of the same thing. Heat and cold may appear to be opposites at first, but they are varying degrees of the same thing. love and hate, peace and war, positive and negative, good and evil, yes and no, light and darkness, energy and matter. This duality lives in you, your light, your shadow. You can transform your thoughts by consciously raising your vibrations.

5. How do you raise your vibrations? Prayers, eating healthy, exercising regularly, adequate sleep, healthy thoughts, learning to forgive, living in non-judgement, acceptance of who you are, accepting the light and shadow of yourself and others, then and only then can you begin to manifest. Some think they only need a vision board and a thought. It takes more than that folks. It takes work, not difficult work but learn to dig deeper to know what is for your highest potential and the highest commandment for the planet. Sometimes these wishes and desires are not for your highest good and you will be left disappointed wondering, “what is the matter with me?” There is no thing the matter with you, that is a lower vibrational question. The question is “What is the meaning?” Once you are aware of your sacred contract ( Caroline Myss work) then and only then are you able to know what is for your highest good. How do you know what you seek if you do not know yourself? Most seek what others have , seeing themselves through someone else’s eyes .

6. Love unconditionally. Keep your heart open but have strong boundaries.

7. Take nothing personally and you will discover there is nothing to forgive.

8. Be kind to others, not in a fake manner, where you smile and say “I’m ok” but in a doing, caring approach. Walk your talk.

9. Remember that sometimes what we want to manifest is in front of us. Perhaps we can enjoy it through someone else’s lifestyle. Ex; I would love another motor bike. I had one when I was 16. Today that is not for my highest good so whenever I see someone, especially a female on her motor bike, I jump on energetically and enjoy the journey. I am in my soul, not my ego when I allow that to happen.

10. Become your inner witness. Why are you desiring this person, place or thing? Is it due to lack? You will know in your body what is good for you. Your body is the temple to your soul. Listen to your body, feel it.what is your soul telling you? Are you anxious? Ask yourself why. Do not look for answers elsewhere . Once you have heard what your soul is telling you through your body ( pay , pray attention) then you are ready to manifest into being what is your destiny .

11. Find out what your fate is and then go about choosing your destiny. Sometimes we need a mentor or spiritual adviser. The universe will have them show up for you once you have called .

12. Do not use the word processing . Ex”I am processing” Processed gets toxic and stale. Much like our processed foods . Start now in the moment and allow the “spirit of your manifestations to have you” pimp yourself.

13. Pray , isolate , meditate , play daily . Pimp, lol

, I just had to put that I. Stay positive and safe everyone. Love you.

Mental Madness

Anger and Resentment = MADNESS

I awoke this many moons ago with a profound message from our daughter, Melanie.
It is 8 years this month that she took her life. She was not depressed at the time of her death, she was filled with rage & anger.
In 2000, my brother took his life in the same way. A Hanging.
He too was in deep anger and resentment. He left us a tape recording leading up to his demise. . The tape was filled with all the details as to why he could not live any longer .In this tape recording he blamed the government, his work, his health, members of family. His anger was contemporaneous up until you heard him put the rope around his neck.
Then silence, dead silence. Anger and resentment taken with him. If he were alive today, I’d advise him “Hang on , hang out, hang loose, but don’t hang up.” There is no turning back.
Melanie did not leave a tape but she had seen her Doctor two days before her death Her doctor shared with us, John, myself & Amanda, all the reasons she was angry and filled with despair. She too was in the blame game and angry at the world.
I realize that this message is harsh but people, so are the thoughts you are holding onto.
Stop it. Any form of anger, resentment, shame, rage, dislike, disgust, bitterness, is harmful and creates your inner MADNESS.
We are all dying; let’s get over ourselves. Dying begins from the moment of birth.
Why would we choose to live in anger of any sort and blame what is actually outside of us? Sure shit happens, people die, they leave us, they shame us, and some even torture us by ignoring us , but, if you are postponing your happiness, then discover how to forgive. You do not have to forget, if you forget there is a possibility you will make the same bad choices. But, right now in this breathe as you are reading this, LET GO. Family is important to our community and our culture. I see so many families estranged, that is madness personified. For years Melanie and I lived in anger. For what? to be right. It sure as hell did not make us happy. I had a long road to travel on the path to forgiveness, and I hope you do not have to take that difficult journey. Seeing people die because of their anger is heart wrenching.
Pray to the God of your understanding to show up for you and lead the way inward. Bring out your heroine, your inner warrior and destroy that old junk in your trunk. Love resides in you. You won’t find it outside of yourself. There is a whole world of possibilities inside of you waiting, wanting to be exposed.
Love is the only antidote to anger, resentment and all those other negative feelings that burden you down and make you feel miserable, depressed or dejected. We don’t need to be happy all the time, but we can be at peace with ourselves. When you have that peace, when you find peace in your chaos, the miraculous happens. You realize that you are not alone. There is a force of light beaming from you that you had put to sleep. Wake UP . If you are in any anger or resentment you are Mad, you are suffering from some form of mental illness. Go get help for it. This is Mental Health month. Show up to thyself.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Melanie’s and Derek’s life & death are not in vain. They still have messages for us. I am honored to pass them on to you. Your death is only a heartbeat away. Choose love this day and send madness away.

(PS: remember , these are my thoughts & words only. Mental illness has many difference forms , anger in my opinion is just one of them. Mental Illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Examples of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviors. Many people have mental health concerns from time to time. See your doctor for more information . )



I had the most beautiful dream about my mom last night.
I was dancing a ballet,she was holding my arms ,stretching them out,dancing ,guiding me from behind. I can’t remembered the song we were dancing to but it was soft and beautiful. A song I have not heard for a very long time. The dream was extraordinary as I could feel her essence, smell her, hear her voice as if I was fully awake. When I did awake into theta I felt her presence in the room for another 10 minutes. I was not afraid but fully aware that she was with me and I did not want to move as I knew that as soon as I shifted my body she’d be gone. And so it was, she left but the gratification I hold this day for her visit is sacred ,whole and holy. Upon awaking fully I realized the date for Mother’s Day is fast approaching . I usually have a difficult mother’s day since our daughters death in 2012 and then moms death a year later. Our daughter Amanda and our grandchildren have been a light and blessing to both John and I . We arrived home to Canada yesterday so we are in quarantine for Mother’s Day this year but that is ok. It is enough ,especially after having the experience of moms visit. Happy Mother’s Day to each of you. It does not matter if your mom is no longer with you, if you yourself have no child, if you are in grief, if you are estranged from your child, if you are in isolation. We are all women on a mission , we give ourself permission to be all we want to be. Nurture thyself. Happy Mother’s Day .

For our wee ones

Be aware , not afraid

Wear your mask

That your mommy made

You can’t go outside

And that’s ok

You can still learn and play

But inside today

You are brave and bright

As you color with sparkles and light

You are eating all the good foods

So your body is strong and feels right

This is your time our darlings

To help and be courageous

And if you follow the new rules

You won’t be contagious

So today as you play

Have as much fun as you can

Help where needed

It’s your day to make new plans

You can plan to read or write

Play dress up or play games

Whatever you do

Love one another , we are all doing the same

We love you our spirit of tomorrow

Let your tears flow

It’s ok to feel the sorrow


Blaming and complaining will never set you free.
What have you done today to serve humanity?
Maybe it was checking in
With a person that you love
perhaps it was asking forgiveness from a relationship that you snubbed .
Did you feel the grief as it fell like falling rain
Or did you kick and scream and make it all your pain ?
Did you make a difference in your own creative way?
Or did you keep your creativity God gave you and hide it for another day .
The time is now , the call is loud
No need to hide within the crowd
Now is the time , remember your vow
You can make a difference, but do it now .
“Just for today , let the spirit of making a difference have you “

Easter , a time for change

Easter, A time to Let Go, Allow Flow “Let Spirit have you”
Let us symbolize what Easter can mean to us.
Yes, it is time to contemplate our spiritual values, whether we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindi, Buddhist, perhaps an atheist .
Easter, spring, can be the time to move forward with our lives. But this year it will be different . Due to our isolation we have the
opportunity to go inward ,let go of all that is unnecessary. Let go of old habits, addictions, thoughts, regrets, and hurts. Perhaps you have a few others of your own. There comes a time in our lives when we want to really start living. We want to live life on LIFES’ terms; not fill ourselves with lies of living. Some of these lies are falsehoods we tell ourselves. These falsehoods may include thoughts that we need a person ,place or a thing to be happy and at peace.
Easter is a time to remove the clutter of these thoughts. Sometimes we feel we are dying when we begin to make changes, as we move inward to rise again. When we rise again, when we choose to move forward without complaining, our lives begin to have meaning. We begin to become inspired, (in spirit) and everything changes.
This is a time of death and rebirth.
Let us think about the energies taking place at this time.
All of earth is calling, awakening during the spring. This is a time of new beginnings, YOUR new beginnings. What you do in the next few days in the light of love, light , inner peace , despite the chaos of Coronavirus, can become a lifetime of healing, healthy habits.
It can be as simple as learning to run, one km at a time. Perhaps it is a new eating habit, cutting back on sugar, or a destructive practice that no longer serves you. Are you harsh and make unnecessary judgements about others? If this is your time to make changes, be gentle with yourself . Seek someone to help you make these new behaviours that will become your new life. You are rising up to your whole, holy self.
Start a new ritual, die to the old, go into contemplation and rise up to YOUR new life. It’s the only one you have in the moment. Anoint yourself with the joy of making new choices. Allow the old to “Passover” you.
Die to the old, rise again, go forth in love & forgiveness and “let spirit have you”. We are fated for these times , your choices are your destiny. Choose well, you got this.
Happy Easter,

Good Friday sunrise

Just for today

“Get up in the morning and take a deep breath .
Welcome the sunrise with a yoga stretch .
Enjoy the ritual of coffee or tea
Sit in silence, there’s no place to be
Use this time to ponder and pray
You won’t need as much as you did yesterday
For our gold is holy , little we need
Water , food and family is our trinity three
Enjoy this day , called the awe of the raw
This virus has something to teach us all. “
PS : What are you learning from this experience? Now is the time to share and help one another. Not sure how to help: start praying , stay home, practice hygiene,be kind , don’t allow “I’m sorry “ to flow into silence . This is real, some of us may not make it. Make the best of what you can.


We are in grief today
Realizing this took my breathe away
I’ve experienced this feeling far to much
the death of loved ones , my aching heart I clutched
But this grief is different, its the birth of a virus , it’s rocked our world and deep fear arises .
The denial, the rage , the depression is real , our lives have changed
in darkness we reel.
Yes , this is grief accept it we must ,
Allow the feeling , bargaining is trust .Let us find meaning and acceptance in our lives as we adjust .
Yes this is grief , the virus is here , awake tomorrow with a little less fear .

Your pattern has of your Victim

The Victim Archetype : or pattern of behaviour.
Have we become a slave to our victim archetype?? Sometimes it feels good to complain , but where is it getting us?? I have a band on my wrist and every time I start to complain about something or someone, (loosing my inner power) I will stop and remember , Just for today , “Let Spirit have me”.

This is the moment in our lives when our patterns of behaviours must change.

For those of you who have taken , Archetypes, Angels, Astrology course you know we all have four patterns of behaviour. They are universal.

The child, prostitute ,saboteur ,victim. 

Angel of innocence – Child

Angel of self esteem – Victim 

Angel of faith -Prostitute

Angel of choice – Saboteur 

You have the time now to really sit back and observe your patterns of behaviour during this pandemic crisis . When are you being childish?

 Are you unable to except the things that you cannot change . 

Are you feeling powerless and acting out in rebellion. 

Are you sulking? Each pattern of behaviour within you has  a light and a shadow. To be in the light of your child you now have the opportunity to get creative. Dance, color, write, draw, paint. Allow the long forgotten childish ways that were a delight when you were young to come forth. This is your opportunity, don’t sabotage it now. 

Let’s talk about the saboteur. 

The Saboteur : is your angel of choice .

Now is the time you can bring out acts of courage. It takes courage to except the things that we cannot change. It takes courage to except the situation this virus has put us all into at this moment .It takes courage to set boundaries.You can follow your intuition . You can use this time to break away from your fears. You don’t have to resist the opportunity that is at your disposal. This opportunity is about rest ,acceptance, self-care, self-preservation, self- knowledge. Invite the change into your life ,do not resist for your discomfort will only persist and you will be the victim of your own irritation .

The Victim : is your angel of self- esteem .

How are you responding to this crisis? Are you allowing yourself to be victimized either professionally or personally. Sometimes we need to name the problem to overcome it. This is a time for self respect in our lives. We need to set boundaries. You’re lonely and somebody suggests you get together for a dinner party. You know what our governments are saying about socializing so learn to say no. This virus is going to teach us many things and one of them is to stop blaming others or ourselves for that which we have no control over. Your victim  will live in the light and in the shadow .The  victim can help you learn to handle this challenge without fear. Yes you feel powerless ,we all do but we don’t have to become a victim of the state of affairs we are in. See the good in yourself and call it out.

Your self-worth your self-esteem is not negotiable.

Speaking of negotiation:

The Prostitute : Angel of Faith .

 During this crises your prostitute is going to activate something deep inside your subconscious. This energy that also lives in light and shadow can trick you into believing everything you hear. You’ll buy into whatever is presented to you.You have this opportunity to really look at your morals ,your own inner intelligence ,your words ,what your body needs and how you’ll physically survive. Your faith in yourself will give you the ability to do what is necessary for this survival . You know you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.There will be no shortcuts during this time and it’s up to you to be mindful of your thoughts and what you do with them.Don’t allow yourself to be sold on the idea that you are powerless. Your angel of faith will allow you to know your true soul stamina ,trust in your self.

We all know the words “ it was the best of times ,it was the worst of times.“

These are the times of our light and our shadow. Be aware when you’re in your child feeling victimized ,sabotaging your choices and then giving up. We all have one another. We can reach out via social media, phone calls, texting .

The sun still shines , the stars come out ,the bird still sings .We are alive , we are aware and we have one another .That is a gift . Breathe ,stretch via your yoga, pray daily. Caroline Myss’s 3 o’clock prayer is a godsend . It was her who gave us these teachings .

We cannot help others unless we help ourselves. I realize there are many suffering. The homeless, those in abusive homes, those without money to purchase food. Once you feel strong , you’ll have the tools needed to help in whichever way you choose. Choose wisely. 

Our survival archetypes, our patterns of behavior. We have much to be grateful for “just for today, let the spirit of your patterns of behaviour ,living in the light have you.”